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Click the button below to get started. You will be asked to login to the Author Workbench using the IBMid and password you created in the last step.

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What is the Author Workbench?

As a Skills Network Author, the Author Workbench is your home for creating & managing your courses and Guided Project. We are thrilled to have you onboard and can’t wait to see what you create!

Create Guided Projects

Guided Project is like a traditional tutorial and the tools to run the tutorial all rolled in to one. There is no software to download, install and configure. The only need a web browser to do a Guided Project. Guided Projects are designed to help someone learn a concept and practice it in minutes rather than take days or weeks.

Go to your Author Workbench and create your first Guided Project.

Create courses

Skills Network courses are designed to help people learn new technologies and, more important, transform the knowledge in to practical skill through hands-on labs. Courses test learner comprehension through testing and provide certificates and badges as evidence of of completion. Courses can be self-paced or instructor-led, offered on-line or taught in a classroom.

Go to your Author Workbench and start creating courses.