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Examples of Courses and Guided Projects


Python for Data Science

This introduction to Python will kickstart your learning of Python for data science, as well as programming in general. This beginner-friendly Python course will take you from zero to programming in Python in a matter of hours.

Upon its completion, you’ll be able to write your own Python scripts and perform basic hands-on data analysis using our Jupyter-based lab environment. If you want to learn Python from scratch, this free course is for you.


Guided Project: 

Python Flask application on Kubernetes

This Guided Project will show you how to deploy a Python Flask application to a Kubernetes cluster. We will build the customary ‘hello-world’ application, as the focus of this Guided Project is deployment not Python coding. The technologies we would be working with are Flask, Docker, Kubernetes (IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service) and Eclipse Theia.

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To address the skills shortage in emerging technologies including data science, AI, big data, cloud computing and blockchain.

Our online courses don’t stop at videos — we have a hands-on virtual lab environment that enables users to practice what they learn.

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Frequently Asked

Do I have to work for IBM to build a course or a Guided Project?

No, you do not have to work for IBM to be able to contribute your knowledge and expertise as a Skills Network Author. Not an author yet? Become one here.

Why publish on Skills Network?

Everyone has their own reason. For example, some of our authors use Skills Network to showcase their knowledge on a subject. Others use Skills Network simply to help others learn. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help you create something truly amazing.

Can I make money with courses or labs I publish?

IBM Developer Skills Network does not pay authors, nor do we collect fees on behalf of authors. As an author, however, you can monetize your content in ways other than charging learners. For example, you can use your courses and labs to establish your credibility and promote other consulting or educational services you provide. If you are a book author, you can make your book a prerequisite for your course. How you make money is up to you; the only thing we require is that it be legal and ethical.

Can I publish the same material on another platform?

When you create a course or QuickLab, it is assumed that you are the owner of the content. You can do with it as you wish. We do not take ownership of your intellectual property.

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